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Data Exporter for Microsoft MapPoint®

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The following MPExporter files are available for download:

NameVersionRelease DateSizeDownload LinkAlternative Download
 MPExporter Application
(MSI installer)
v1.4 2nd May '16 57.5MB Download Now! Here
Example Files
(Zip archive)
v1.1 29th August '14 242KB Download Now! Here
MPExporter Application (MSI Installer)
Version 1.4; Released: 2nd May 2016
Size: 57.5MB
Download Now!
Alternative Download Link

Example Files(Zip archive)
Version 1.1; Released: 29th August 2014
Size: 242KB
Download Now!
Alternative Download Link

The application installer will work as a 7 day trial. You will need to purchase an MPExporter license to use it beyond this period.

The examples archive ( includes data and map files that are referenced in the MPExporter documentation. All files in the initial version require Microsoft MapPoint 2013 North America. Earlier versions will not be able to read these files.

Microsoft® MapPoint® must be installed before you install MPExporter. MPExporter supports all MapPoint versions from 2006 onwards. Make sure MapPoint is not running when you install MPExporter.

MPExporter requires the Microsoft .NET Framework v4.0 (or later). This is a free download from the Microsoft website.

A copy of the End User License Agreement is also available. This is included with the documentation.

MPExporter will add uninstall links to the Windows Start Menu, and to the Control Panel's Add / Remove Programs list. Using one of these links, un-installation should be a simple single click process.