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MPExporter can export all MapPoint datasets with the exception of territory datasets and some demographic datasets. MapPoint's API (programming interface) deliberately hides territory datasets, so MPExporter cannot export them. Later versions of MapPoint also restrict access to the built-in demographic data due to distribution rights. Hence MPExporter cannot export these either.


The dataset options are set in the Datasets box in the top right of the main MPExporter panel:




Most datasets will be exported as points ('pushpins'). However, the Professional License of MPExporter can export some shaded area maps as actual area shapes. MPExporter requires the actual shape definitions to do this (i.e. the outlines of states, counties, etc), so its ability to do this depends on having the definitions. See the geographic area definitions supported by MPExporter for a full list. You can override the export of area shapes by setting the Output all area datasets as points checkbox.


MPExporter can also write all available data fields to the point's pop-up ('balloon') window. This is controlled with the Export drop-down box. You can select: No data fields; Only the data fields visible in pushpin balloons; or All data fields. Note that SVG does not support the concept of 'pushpin balloons', so the pushpins will be written without any names or data fields, regardless of this setting.


The output points (pushpins) for non-pushpin datasets will be white circles. If the dataset is a shaded area dataset or shaded circle dataset, MPExporter will, where possible, use MapPoint's color shades for these circles. Both the KML and SVG formats support this capability, but the HTML formats do not. HTML files will always show white circles. However, the underlying dataset values can be written to the pop-up description ('balloon') windows.


Note that with the exception of Maptitude MAP files, multi-valued datasets (e.g. the bar chart and pie chart options) will always be written out as white circle pushpins. The data values are then available as per the other data fields (listed in each pushpin's pop-up description box).


Maptitude is capable of plotting all of MapPoint's data map types. Pie charts, bar  charts, sized circles, etc. will all be plotted as such in Maptitude and with all of the data fields present in MapPoint. The only exception is the shaded area map type which depends on the MPExporter license level and the presence of suitable geographic areas.