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Exporting Bing Maps HTML

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MPExporter can write the output data as HTML to use either Google's Google Maps API or Microsoft's Bing Maps API. The HTML can be a complete page, or it can be a HTML fragment. This fragment excludes the <html> and <body> tags, enabling it to be included in an existing page (e.g. using a template or server side include such as SSI or PHP).


To use the Bing Maps API, you will also need a Bing Maps Key or Identifier. Instructions for creating a Bing Maps Key (i.e. identifier) can be found here:




MPExporter uses v7 of the Bing Maps AJAX (i.e. JavaScript) Control.


The HTML formats do not support data-colored pushpins. Therefore datasets such as colored-circles and shaded-area datasets (being written as points) will appear as white circles. The actual data values can be written as data fields to the pop-up description ('balloon') window.


Both the Google Maps and Bing Maps controls do not perform well with very large datasets. This can result in either very slow map performance and/or parts of the map may not be drawn.


Note that Bing Maps supports routes, so MPExporter is able to export the route and waypoints. However, both the routing engine and road network are different to those in MapPoint, so the precise plotted route may differ.