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Revision History

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v1.4, Release Date: 2nd May 2016


Bug fix: Progress form appears to crash with very large export jobs



v1.3, Release Date: 12th January 2015


Improvement: Multiple Symbol Datasets now export their pushpin name and note

Bug fix: Better handling of null data fields



v1.2, Release Date: 13th October 2014


New feature: Ability to export datasets directly to Microsoft Excel, including support for coordinate transformations.

New feature: Ability to export directly into a Maptitude map

Bug fix: Sub-library version problem fixed in the installer

Bug fix: File extension bug when selecting an SVG file for output



v1.1, Release Date: 4th August 2014


New feature: Ability to scale SVG maps to fit a specific window.

Bug fix: Not all dataset color palettes interpolated correctly.

Improvement: Shaded datasets are plotted first. All other datasets are after the shaded datasets.



v1.0, Release Date: 2nd July 2014


First main release

Documentation updated to include the new SVG / map projection changes