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Purchasing MPExporter

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MPExporter has two licenses: Basic and Professional. Basic licenses cost US$75.00 per license. Five or more licenses cost US$60 each. Professional licenses cost US$300 per license, and five or more are discounted to US$240. Our online form accepts all common credit cards, and we can also accept PayPal payments. To pay using either of these methods, please go to our online purchase page on the MPExporter website at:


Existing users of MPExporter v0.* (i.e. the pre-release versions) can upgrade to v1 for free. These licenses will remain valid for all v1.* versions of MPExporter.


Electronic registration can also be purchased using a check or money order in US dollars. To do this, print out the following form and mail it with payment to the address given.



Printable Order Form for MPExporter


Send all orders by mail, to:


   Winwaed Software Technology LLC

   PO Box 177062

   Irving  TX 75017-7062











City:_______________________________ State/County:___________________


Zip/Postal Code:____________________ Country:________________________


Daytime Telephone Number: (_______)__________________________________


       Facsimile Number: (_______)__________________________________


E-Mail Address:______________________________________________________


Basic Licenses:          US$75.00 each;   US$60 each for 5 or more

Professional Licenses:  US$300.00 each;  US$240 each for 5 or more


                                                Unit          Total

 Quantity     Description                       Price         Price





                                    Merchandise Total ______________


                 Texas Residents add 8.25% Sales Tax  ______________


                                                TOTAL ______________



All payment must be in US dollars. Make checks or money orders payable

to Winwaed Software Technology LLC.



Registration codes can be sent by mail or by email. Please circle

the preferred method. (Codes will be sent when payment has cleared.)



(C) Copyright 2014 Winwaed Software Technology LLC All Rights reserved.