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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why does my SVG Map does not appear in Internet Explorer / Firefox / etc


This is probably due to your chosen coordinate system. Most drawing packages will display SVG regardless of the SVG's origin and scale. Most if not all web browsers will only draw SVG with the origin in the top left corner and with a scale of 1 pixel. In contrast, most maps have the origin in the lower left and most non-geographic projections result in coordinates that are very large (>100,000). There are two solutions:


Set the Final Coordinates to Translate and Scale Coordinates. Then set the scale factor to make the map smaller and choose an origin that shifts the map into the displayable area.

Set the Final Coordinates to Scale Coordinates to a Window. Then set the origin to 0,0 (Origin X=0, Origin Y=0). Next set the Max X and Max Y values to the required width and height in pixels.


Scaling to a window is easier to use than the translate and scale option, but it will not preserve the aspect ratio. Translating and scaling will always preserve the map's aspect ratio.



My Custom Pushpins do not appear to be plotted correctly


Unfortunately MapPoint's API does not provide custom imported images. Therefore MPExporter has to export all custom pushpin images using standard MapPoint pushpin images. The pushpin symbols will 'wrap around'. I.e. your first custom pushpin will appear as symbol 0 (gray square), the second as symbol 1 (black pin), etc.



Can I request a new coordinate system to be added to the list of Predefined Coordinate Systems?


Yes you can using the contact form on the MPExporter website. Please give as much detail as possible about the required coordinate system.