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Example: Exporting a Map with Shapes, Pushpins, and a Route

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This example shows you how to use MPExporter to export a MapPoint map. This sample includes two shapes, a route, and a number of pushpins. The map is export_sample.ptm which can be found in the MPExporter examples file:


Note that this map file requires MapPoint North America 2013. This is what it looks like:




To export this data, display the main MPExporter panel by selecting MPExporter... on the MapPoint Tools menu:




Here we are using KML for the output. Select the Output File. This is usually easier by pressing the "..." button to display the standard Windows File dialog box.


Set Use Online Pushpin Images to tell MPExporter to use pushpin references that are online. Select Export: All Data Fields so that all dataset data fields are exported. For the shapes, set All freeform shapes are: Closed (polygons), so that the closet polygon around Utah remains closed (we have to be explicit about this due to a bug in MapPoint). Finally, set the Alpha to 100% to that we see opaque shapes.


Press Export to start the export process. This will take a few seconds. The resulting KML file is only 34KB in size, and  looks like this in Google Earth:




Note that both shapes appear with their original colors. The pushpins are also visible with their original symbols, and their names are visible. The route is also visible (from Phoenix to Albuquerque) with a 'W' pushpin for each waypoint, and a green line connecting them. KML does not support routes, so straight line route segments have to be used.