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Exporting an Excel® Workbook

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MPExporter also supports the ability to export MapPoint datasets into an Excel® workbook. This option only exports the datasets and does not export any drawing annotation or route data.


Each dataset is exported to a new worksheet within the workbook. Worksheet columns represent data fields, and data points are written as rows. The following columns may be added:


Column Name

Column Number


Longitude / X


Geographic Coordinates: Longitude (decimal degrees, WGS84)

Transformed Coordinates: The X ordinate

Latitude / Y


Geographic Coordinates: Latitude (decimal degrees, WGS84)

Transformed Coordinates: The Y ordinate



The pushpin's symbol index (pushpin sets only)



The pushpin's Note field (pushpin sets only)



The pushpin's Name field (pushpin sets only)


Data mapped by area (e.g. US County) will list the centroid coordinate supplied by MapPoint. Note that depending on how the dataset was created, these additional fields might duplicate other data fields in the output.


It is possible to transform the coordinates to a different coordinate system (e.g. UTM or a user-supplied prj file). If you select a non-geographic coordinate system, the Longitude,Latitude columns will be replaced with X,Y columns that store the transformed coordinates.


The columns that store data field(s) containing the data map values (e.g. to set the shading on a shaded area map) will be highlighted in a light cyan color.





The Excel option does not export route data or annotation/drawing data. It will only export datasets.


In common with all of the other MPExporter options, territory data cannot be exported to Excel. Built-in demographic data is only available for earlier versions of MapPoint. These restrictions reflect MapPoint's own restrictions.